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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bizarre Foods is coming to Pasadena

You know those trips that Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman takes to all those Asian countries and eating all that authentic Asian Cuisine? Ever wish you could go with them and taste all those crazy dishes? Well now you can...sort of. Those dark markets and alleyways are coming to Pasadena! Don't miss out on this truly rare event! You wont regret it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pasadena Art Walk & Music Festival Expected to Draw Massive Crowds

Rose City Rocks

Expanding rock fest shines much-needed light on local music scene in Pasadena, CA.

In another sign that light may be shining around the corner for the local music and arts scene, the annual Rose City Rocks festival is expanding its scope this year. Promoter/organizer Scott Hildebrandt has booked at least 100 bands to play, starting with a kick-off party Wednesday night at 72 North; the music keeps blasting through Sunday, May 23, on indoor and outdoor stages at 72 North and Old Towne Pub. The five-day lineup includes a number of scene stalwarts, including the Mormons, Lungbutter, Fatso Jetson, Adam Marsland, Get Set Go, Collinz Room, Cinder Cone, 8Stops7, the Fresas, Voodoo Train, Jenni Alpert, Weatherground, Ovideo, Eggshell Egoz, Satellite Crush, Noble Creatures, and Stonyatti.
For years Hildebrandt has been saying he’d like Rose City Rocks to grow into a weeklong art festival — and it looks like that ambition is finally being realized. For the first time, the rowdy music event will also include an artwalk and mini film festival. Rose City Artwalk, an outdoor “artmart” showcasing works by local artists, will be presented by the Majestical Roof (88 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23. Admission is free and open to all ages; call (626) 844-8886 for more details.
Additionally, Hildebrandt scaled back the total band count a bit so that there’ll be sufficient room in the patio courtyard between the clubs for music as well as the Rose City Filmfest, which will present indie short films along with music vids and Web series episodes. That’s a logistical headache from an organizational standpoint, but keeping everything in one area will be a boon for attendees. A Rose City Rocks wristband is needed for admission to the Filmfest, and you must be 21 years of age.
That’s a long way from Rose City Rocks’ humble ’90s origins, when Hildebrandt hatched the idea of a multistage festival to promote the “Locals Only” compilation CD he had produced and placed in club jukeboxes throughout Old Pasadena. Then as now, however, the primary focus is on local bands, and Rose City Rocks offers a good taste of the area scene.
Bar-band-with-attitude Squeegee gets the rock rolling at Wednesday night’s launch party. In keeping with their motto (“playing whatever the fuck we want”), their music’s a pogo-spiked mix of power pop, punk and surf riffs likely to wind up head-bobbers and air guitar maestros alike.
Other bands worth seeking out over the weekend: KLUM, Squeegee, Fatso Jetson, Ride Your Bike, Scott Ryan, Amy Raasch, Honeybreath, Manda Mosher, Big Joe Hurt, Babylon Saints, Light as the Day and Crippled and UK punk-rockers the Bermondsey Joyriders. 

The Rose City Artwalk

The Rose City Artwalk is new for 2010 and is an outdoor courtyard artmart filled with non mass produced products made by local artists.   The Artwalk is managed by The Majestical Roof and takes place just outside their shop doors at 88 N. Fair Oaks Avenue Pasadena, CA 91103.   The artwalk hours are Saturday May 22 + Sunday May 23 from 11am til 8pm.  If you would like to reach The Majestical Roof to become a vendor or have other questions, please contact them directly at or by phone at 626.844.8886.   The Artwalk is FREE to attend.  There is no age requirement to vend or attend the Rose City Artwalk however you must be 21+ with a valid picture ID and purchase a wristband to attend the neighboring Rose City Rocks Music Festival.    

Jones Coffee Roasters a local and acclaimed Pasadena grower, roaster + Importer will be selling various coffee drinks at the The Rose City Artwalk, Rose City Film Fest and Rose City Rocks Music Fest.   Their booth shall be located directly adjacent to the Artwalk.   The are the official coffee of Rose City Rocks Music Fest.   There are many food choices just a few steps away.   For those who attend the Music Fest as well you can receive a discount off your food purchase at the following restaruants:  Mezzban (Indian Cuisine), Torta (food of Mexico), Cafe Linda's (Thai), Tibet Nepal House (Cuisine of the Hymalayas) and much more.   Just look for the Rose City Rocks banner in the window of local shops that support RCR discounts. 

100 bands and solo acoustic performers will grace the Rose City Rocks stages this year between May 19-23, 2010.  All Stages are located at 72 North (formerly McMurphy's - 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena 91103 and The Old Towne Pub(66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena 91103.   A single wristband will get you access to all stages each day.   You can click on the band names below to visit their website and sample their music.   Here's the schedule and Map:

Wednesday May 19, 2010 - $5.00
Rose City Rocks Kick Off Party
72 North - 72 North Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 578-9990
presented by L.A. Party Bus

Thursday May 20, 2010 4 Stages - $8.00
The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 577-6583
2014 N. Lincoln Avenue (626) 798-6969

Indoor Stage

  8pm - Cinder Cone
  9pm - Evil Twins
10pm - Never Dead
11pm - The Mormons
12am - JuJu Bones
  1am - Strange Summertones

Patio Acoustic Stage

  8:40p - Santina Giordano
  9:40p - Santina Giordano

72 North 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 578-9990
Indoor Stage

  9pm - The Victors
10pm - Hey You
11pm - The Deadlies
Acoustic Courtyard Stage
Located Outdoors between 72 North & The Old Towne Pub
  8:00p - John Torres
  8:45p - Christian Doscher
  9:30p - Names In Vain
10:15p - Sebastian
11:45p - Rorocar
Friday May 21, 2010 4 Stages - $10.00
The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 577-6583
2016 N. Lincoln Avenue (626) 296-0310

Indoor Stage

  8pm - Creatures of Habit
  9pm - Magna
10pm - Honeybreath
11pm - Ovideo
12am - The Fresas
Patio Acoustic Stage

  8:40p - Koah
  9:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
10:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
11:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening

72 North 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 578-9990

Indoor Stage

  9pm - Clandestine
10pm - Oedipus
11pm - Awaiting Confirmation
12am - Lungbutter
Acoustic Courtyard Stage
Located Outdoors between 72 North & The Old Towne Pub

  8:00p - Jenni Alpert
  8:45p - Manda Mosher
  9:30p - Setting Sunrise
11:00p - Joe Fraley
11:45p - Ryen Slegr
Saturday May 22, 2010 4 Stages - $10.00
The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 577-6583

Indoor Stage

  5pm - iWil
  6pm - Elias
  8pm - Weatherground
  9pm - Happy Dwarf
10pm - The Unafraid
11pm - The Junior High
12am - Get Set Go
  1am - Adam Marsland
72 North 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 578-9990

Indoor Stage

  3pm - Noble Creatures
  4pm - Big Joe Hurt
  5pm - Marcela Carmona
  7pm - Satellite Crush
  8pm - Eggshell Egoz
  9pm - Klum
10pm - Collinz Room
11pm - 8Stops7
12am - Fatso Jetson
Acoustic Courtyard Stage
Presented by Nette Radio
Located Outdoors between 72 North & The Old Towne Pub
  3:00p - The Conlons
  3:40p - Eileen Carey
  4:20p - Corday
  5:00p - Lisa Nemzo
  5:40p - Tiffany Petrossi
  6:20p - Amy Raasch
  7:00p - Stacy Robin
  8:20p - Teena Marie & Rose LeBeau
  9:00p - Amanda & Travis
  9:40p - Karen Hart
10:20p - Jackie Tohn
11:00p - Leerone
11:40p - VK Lynne

Sunday May 23, 2010 3 Stages - $7.00
The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 577-6583

  Indoor Stage

  3:00p - RT and the 44's
  4:00p - Voodoo Train
  5:00p - The Vagarant Dead
  6:00p - Dead Lazlo's Place
  8:00p - Blind Like Sam
  9:00p - Awaiting Confirmation
10:00p - Awaiting Confirmation
72 North 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 578-9990

Indoor Stage

  3pm - Tristessa
  4pm - Babylon Saints
  5pm - Olio
  7pm - Madeline Speak
Acoustic Courtyard Stage
Outside between 72 North & The Old Towne Pub
  3:00p - Word To The Wise
  3:45p - Galanis
  4:30p - David Vidal
  5:15p - Scott Ryan
  6:00p - Weni and Jordana

  9pm - Beatles Tribute
10pm - The Voice Overs
11pm - Squeegee
12am - The Latin Meds
Patio Acoustic Stage

  8:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
  9:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
10:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
11:40p - Rose City Film Fest Screening
12:40a - Rose City Film Fest Screening

The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (626) 577-6583
presented by Tede's Cafe
109 E. Union Street Pasadena, CA 626.795.2856

  9:00p - Wolffe Pack
10:00p - Stonyatti
11:30p - The Big Guns

Rose City Rocks kicks off 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 19, at 72 North (72 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena); $5. Call (626) 578-9990 for club info. The festival continues Thursday through Sunday with performances on stages at 72 North and Old Towne Pub (66 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena); call (626) 577-6583 for club info. Rose City Rocks admission costs $8 on Thursday, $10 on Friday and Saturday, and $7 on Sunday. Must be 21 or over to attend. For a full band schedule and other festival details, visit

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mexican Chicago meets L.A.

Red O

Vaunted Mexican food...via Chicago?
8155 Melrose; Mid-Wilshire; 323.655.5009
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Chicago has brought the world so many amazing things, from the Blues Brothers and da Bulls, to other stuff that wasn't originally on Saturday Night Live. Now Chicago's bringing LA... Mexican food, via Red O.

Taking reservations starting Tues and opening soon thereafter, Red O's a glossed-up Mexicanery w/ monster chandeliers, a wood-and-bronze communal table, and a 25-foot fireplace, all from ultra-lauded chef Rick Bayless, a master of South-of-the-Border cookery who hails from Chi-town, where every restaurant but his is a sports bar with fried-cheese-covered flatscreens. Food's all ultra-fresh gourmet takes on classic Mexicanness, split into categories, like "Tacos El Carbon" (w/ steak/chicken/catfish and topped w/ roasted poblano rojas and grilled knob onions), "Cazuelas" (hot pots stuffed w/ your choice of Mazatlan blue shrimp w/ roasted tomatoes & capers, beef & pork meatballs w/ smokey chipotle-tomato sauce, and lamb in chile Colorado), and the regional-specialty "Mexico's Celebrated Seven," which, surprisingly, are dishes like seafood broth w/ chipotle, epazote, shrimp, scallops, & mussels, and not Yul Brynner and his buddies, though they were pretty magnificent. They've also got a schload of small-plates, including corn bites topped w/ short ribs/pork belly/plantains; taquitos w/ slow-cooked duck & chile arbol sauce; and tamales stuffed w/ goat cheese and poblano chiles wrapped in corn husks, since rapping in corn husk is pretty hard to find, now that Bayless is so far from Iowa.

The cocktail menu's still on its way, but needless to say they've got a full bar, as well as a dessert menu w/ goat cheese cheesecake with caramel corn and a root beer sauce, and a flan w/ chocolate, but no mango, since only Chris Kattan can bring the world that amazing thing.
Once they get the opening date set, you'll find it on our Twitter, and for more info,